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Address: Oakham Office, Melton Road, Oakham, Rutland UK 

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Is It Working From Home?

Whilst the buzz-phrase from the last 2 years may have been ‘working from home’, how is that actually working for you? Perhaps the monotony, isolation and disruptions caused by operating out of your spare room have now lost their sparkle!

For a business to grow, it needs to innovate. For most people, in order to thrive at work, you require human contact, collaboration and time to focus.  Working from home is sometimes a necessity, and even sometimes a perk, but is it actually damaging your creativity, efficacy and overall enjoyment? After all, are you working from home or living in your office?

Over the last 2 years, some businesses have thrived whilst other languished. We have rethought our work/life balances, our working practices and for many even the house we live in. With these changes of environment, we have rethought the way we work, mostly for the better; unfortunately, that has also meant we have lost some of the magic and enjoyment of ‘going to work’.

We once considered the office a ball and chain; the restriction on a better life. But now we are realising it also brought much reward too. With the world slowly starting to return to some normality, now is the time to give your business a revitalising fresh start.

Based in the heart of Rutland, the new Oakham Office has been created to build an exciting, energising and professional hub that allows businesses the much-needed time to focus, grow and be inspired.

Our ultimate dream is to be the go-to centre for entrepreneurs. We’ve laid the foundations for a creative and innovative space that nurtures new ideas and provides the tools to get these new businesses off the ground and help them to thrive.

We recognise this isn’t just about a desk. It is about the people around you; they are there to help you through the difficult days, and celebrate the amazing ones. That’s why the Oakham Office is much more than just an office; it is about social events, learning and collaboration. The office should be something that you want to seek out in order to do your best work, and that’s what we’ve created! Somewhere you want to be, and somewhere you are proud to meet your clients or colleagues.

We offer cost-efficient and flexible office spaces, including hot desks, permanent desks and private offices. We are also the only venue in Oakham that provides exclusive and professional meeting spaces, complemented by in-house administrative services and access to professional coaching.

If you and your business are crying out for an energised environment, where you can focus and co-work, our centre will provide the fresh start you need to make your business shine once again.

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