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Frequently Asked Questions about Wonderful Rutland

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the county of Rutland, England.

Where is Rutland?

Rutland is a county in the East Midlands of England. It is the smallest historic county in England and has a population of around 41,000 people. It is known for its beautiful countryside and rural landscapes, including the Rutland Water nature reserve.

For some reason it is a county which is not on most people's mental map of England, whether this is because if its interrupted history, or because Rutland is landlocked, it is unclear. Either way, residents are often asked, "where is Rutland?", All we can say, as people who live in Rutland, is that when we tell people where we live it is often met with blank looks.

So where is Rutland?

Geographically speaking, Rutland is positioned level with The Wash, due west of Stamford and Peterborough, and due east of Leicester. Corby is directly south of Rutland, Grantham is due north of the centre of the county.

The counties which border Rutland are Leicestershire to the west and north, Lincolnshire to the east and Northamptonshire to the south.

Rutland extends further east than a lot of people expect, including a pocket of land to the east of the A1 which includes the villages of Clipsham (famous for its Yew Tree Avenue and superb gastropub, The Olive Branch), Pickworth, Essendine, Ryhall and Great and Little Casterton. If you've ever driven north on the A1 between Stamford and Grantham - I'm sure most people have at some point - then you have travelled through Rutland, albeit only for a very short time!

How many people live in Rutland?

Rutland has an approximate population of 41,000 people.

What is the county town of Rutland?

The county town of Rutland is Oakham. The County Council offices are located there, at Catmose house.

What hotels are near Rutland Water?

There are four hotels which are very close to Rutland Water, and many more than are a short drive away.

Hotels on the banks of Rutland Water include Normanton Park Hotel (Best Western), Hambleton Hall, Rutland Hall Hotel and Barnsdale Lodge Hotel.

The towns of Oakham and Uppingham offer other options for accommodation close to the reservoir. The Rutland Business Directory also has categories for B&Bs and Guest Houses in Rutland.

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There are plenty of hotels and guest houses within easy reach of Rutland Water.

Where is Rutland Water Beach?

Rutland Water Beach is a man made sandy beach on the North shore of Rutland Water.

In addition to the beach there are barbecue areas and a children’s play enclosure nearby.

Latest entry to the beach is 5pm and visitors must have left by 8pm.

Car park charges are £10 before 3pm, £5 after 3pm.

The beach is manned by lifeguards and there swimming area is limited by a line of buoys to prevent swimmers going into deep water.

Access to the beach is from Sykes Lane, off the A606 near Empingham.

How many people live in Oakham?

Oakham has an approximate population of 11,000 people.

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